Force 2 Box Office Collection, Total Worldwide Income

Like the first film this has the same treatment. A RAW officer with a villain trying to create chaos in his life and in general. John Abraham like in any other film looks the same, acts the same and maybe the treatment of the film is the same. The film stars John Abraham with Sonakshi Sinha and Thair Raj Bhasin. The film is directed by Abinay Deo, the director of Delhi Belly.

The film is the sequel of Force which majorly had the same cast but this time only one face is similar. The film is shot majorly in foreign locations. The pre-production took time and filming the action scenes took more time.

Force 2 Box Office Collection

Now when the film’s trailer is released the post-production which is adding VFX, and other special effects leading to the release of the film on 11th of November. The film with it’s release will have the major effect on its collection. The Audience has seen the lead in the same role previously. But if the story is appealing the audience will surely go and give in the bucks to watch the action that they witnessed before.


The film on the opening day might earn upto 8 crores INR. On the second Day it might earn upto 10 crores INR.
The Sunday is the crucial day as the film will get the audience from every age group. The film on this day might earn upto 11-15 Crores INR. This figures will be upto the mark when the film will get a certain number of theatres.
Depending on that the film might earn 20-25 crores in the weekend.

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Force 2 Total Weekend Collection

The film with the cinematic beauty can attract the audience and can make the film some capital. With the release, it can earn 7-8 crores INR on the first day. This figure is possible when the film is screened on larger scale.

The film on the next day might earn between 8- 10 cores and on the Sunday it will have a bonanza. In all the film can make a business of 20-25 crores. But there might be if’s and buts’ that can drag the movie down and it might suffer. Leaving all that behind it will surely make a good business.

Force 2 Overseas Income, Worldwide Business

The film cast and creating buzz around its story will surely bring in the audience. Friday will be the important day where the film might earn 10-15 Crores INR, which is a good sign for the film. Saturday is the day where people might have heard a lot about the film and it is certain that this Intense love story will earn at around 17-20 Crores.

Then there is Sunday where a lot of people will come out to watch this film. This film, this day might earn at around 20-25 Crores INR. Therefore the weekend collection will bring in around 55-75 Crores INR. The dependencies will be the number of screens it will run on. There is overseas collection also that will boost the film.

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