Movie Review: Let’s Be Evil

Let’s be Evil Movie Review:┬áSarcastic evil-hood headed towards the theatre seats with the new release of Martin Owen’s Sci-fi horror movie. Ideated with a futuristic temper, the movie is basically is a concoction of technology, thrills and a spoon of imagination. Ironically, the tale depicts the fascination of new age digital movie-makers. The limelight character […]

Five Nights at Maine Movie Review

Movie Review “Five Nights at Main”:┬áReleased this Friday, ‘Five nights at Maine’ depicts a tale of ‘Pain in Loss’. Directed by Maris Curran, the entire tale is a drama based on Love, loss and its aftermath. The movie starred David Oyelowo,┬áDianne Wiest, and Hani Furstenberg. Even with tremendous effort, the movie only managed to hold […]