Banjo Box Office Collection, 1st Day Expected Earning

Banjo Box Office Collection, Expected Earning: Banjo, Riteish Deshmukh with a lead role in the film. It is different in his career and maybe out of the box. The film stars Nargis Fakhri, Dharmesh Yelande and Aditya Kumar. These actors and fun to watch on screen.
The film’s trailer was released on 10th of August 2016. The film is set to release on 23rd September.
There is a band, playing Banjo, on streets and organizing concerts. These people connect with Nargis, who is a DJ. The film with build up in fun and resulting in conflict is seen in the trailer.

Riteish playing the lead is odd to some and unique to others. He played side roles, 2nd lead, villain and maybe did cameos.
But now things are different.
The lead is Riteish with the beauty in arms, Nargis, and has side-kick to himself. That is the role that Riteish had to do.
He is playing a rock star from Mumbai, living in slums and just partying. Nargis is a DJ with some greed for new music and fresh talent.
All this Input is given by the film’s trailer. The film is yet to come and things will be unfolded.


Banjo Box Office Collection

Keeping that aside, lets focus on the films condition to earn capital. The film is directed by Ravi Jadhav, a Marathi film personality who won national award for his debut film.

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The film is in right hands. The treatment is given by the writer and director. He shaped it well and we will see the result on 23rd September.
It is produced under Eros International and the music is given by Vishal & Shekhar. It is the directors first Hindi film.
Now Riteish is popular in Marathi cinema. That being said he is known to the Hindi film industry as well.
With the popularity that he gained in Marathi cinema, will translate into the film. The audience will love the new genre and fresh content.
Apart from the critics and film lovers, this movie might leave an impact on the audience and make a certain amount in capital.

There is no certain clash with the big film at the date of the release. It is certain to make a better amount with the story and the cast in it.

Now the time and the situation of the film to be released matters. This being said it has to deliver on its policy of entertaining. The film is under the drama space and it has a musical edge which makes it more appealing.

Banjo Trailer Video

Banjo Movie Expected Earning

At a certain level the film on weekend might earn around 11 crores INR. The film is not is Marathi and is in specific Hindi which makes the scale broader.

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There is no such Hollywood flick coming out and there is no such Bollywood flick coming out. Now we and the people are left with The film BANJO.
The film with Riteish as lead is not easy to digest for Hindi film Lovers. But it is up to the taste of the film if it is properly cooked.

Riteish Deshmukh Movie Banjo Income

Banjo 1st Day Collection: As the film is musical drama, the music and the songs will be a certain point to catch onto.
Friday, with Banjo running might earn up to 2-3 Crores INR. Saturday with Banjo running might earn up to 3 crores. Now comes the sunday where the families and the little audience come out and here the film is good to go and earn 5 crores or more. This being released in the subcontinent will increase the business.

All said and done the story should be the striking point with the characters in the pivot roles.
Nargis is back and fresh with the new character and might be praised. There are side role which might be interesting to see and look out for.

Banjo for all the drama, music and might be action should be a hit. The director is new in Hindi film but the process being the same doesn’t make any difference other than audience he might get. Banjo Total Business
The film is releasing on 23rd September and looks like a promise on the roles and the story.
The hindi film audience is eager to see Riteish in a lead role and making it different in the film. The film is not comedy, not sex comedy nor is it romance. It is simply a drama with soulful music in it.

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