10 Biggest Hits of Aamir Khan Biggest Grosser

Aamir Khan, a star, a director, a producer. He has done, art house cinema, commercial cinema and lot of cinema that is unconventional. He been a child artist and was around the film company. That may have been a huge Influence on Aamir and the films he does. He now appreciates cinema that is independent in its funding and making. He watches them and makes them feel better.
The films that he has produced, directed in or acted in are unique in its own.

Aamir Khan Box Office Collection Records

1) P.K

Film being on a different subject and bring the uniqueness in his acting with the direction of Rajkumar Hirani, garnered 340 Crores INR. This film has been controversial for its subject and was widely accepted in Chinese market. This film has broken the records in Asia. The film deals with the blind faith in Religion and the consequences around it. Aamir Khan Highest Grosser 

2) Dhoom 3

This film is the franchise sequel of Dhoom series. The film was not appreciated by the critics, but the songs, the set and the rest in the film managed to earn 285 crores INR. All said, the film was a blockbuster in India. The film in others was not as much as the appreciated. Film being with average acting and Repetitive storyline was flop.



3) 3 Idiots

The film is all time hit. It was released in 2009 December and is still the most loved movie. It has characters that were unique and story that was existent. The film was different and it was hit in overseas market. The film managed to earn 202 Crores INR. The film is one of the loved movies till date. Friendship, fun, college and happiness is all the film is about. All this comes into one place when we watch the film.

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4) Ghajini

Ghajini was an Indian treatment to the film Memento. This was film had incredible acting with physique. The film was much appreciated for its acting and music. The film had Intense acting and weight training that helped Aamir get into the Character and make the film look so surreal.
The film was released on December 2008. The film managed to earn 116 Crores INR. It is the all time blockbuster hit.

5) Talaash

Talaash was a psychological Drama. The film was in good treatment and the film had different stars. The film was directed by Reema Kagti. The film had the star in the role of a cop. This was appreciated by the audience and the critics. The films story was leaked online but that didn’t affect the film a bit and it earned 93 crores INR. The film was mellow in the acting side but the side characters did have something to say and tell the story aloud.

6) Rang De Basanti

The film was more of a movement than a movie. A movement against the corrupt system and the people involved in it. It came a certain time where India was suffering internal corruption. This film is still remembered for its characters and the story. It is a super hit film which garnered 54 Crores INR. It was released on 26th January 2006. Film that is still loved and deals with the problems within is game changer for Aamir Khan.

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7) Taare Zameen Par

This film directed by Aamir Khan and he did act in it. The film deals with the issues that kids face. The unspoken issues and the film was well received by the audience and the critics. it earned 62 crores INR. The film was released on December 2007.
The kids loved it and the rumor was that it was being sent for Oscars.

8) Raja Hindustani

The film is known for its songs and the cast. The film was well received. It earned 49 Crores INR. It was all time Blockbuster.
The film was released in 1996 made capital of that sort which was unique on its own.

9) Dil Chahta Hai

The film was new, fresh and amazing. It was the film released in new century and into the new decade. The film is remembered for its characters and its own direction. The film being on a road trip and the insight lives of youngsters is something that is still amazing. It managed to earn 20 Crores INR. Road trips, life, friendships and love, the film is all about it.

10) Lagaan

A film that was based on Tax that Britishers were implying on Villagers. The film did go for Oscars submit. It was released in 2001 and managed to earn 35 Crores INR.

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Aamir Khan Biggest Hits Then there are special Mentions that make Aamir a good actor as well as Keen Producer.
Andaz Apna Apna, being a flop at the time of the release and making it good for the today’s Audience is all about the film. The film had Salman Khan as well and In spite of failing, Now it is most loved films.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Dil, Rangeela, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Ishq, Sarfarosh and Fanaa all these films were good in their respective story lines. But the fact that it was good is because of its acting and the world around it.

Then there were films that he produced and they did have an impact on certain clan of audience, be it Delhi belly, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Peepli Live and others that did have an Impact.
Now its 2016 and people do expect something different from Aamir and Aamir being Aamir will deliver it other way. Dangal is a film that is talked about and its posters says a lot of the story.

As of now Aamir Khan has been compared with SRK & Salman Khan. He has been in the industry for years, directed , produced and Acted.
He has Acted in 39 films and did a total earning of 1497.7 Crores INR. And did 38.8 crores INR on average per film. All this said and done his films will certainly be there to look out for.

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